Hit'um Up!

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Are you saved?

            Ask Jesus into your heart!                       "Today is the day of salvation..." 2 Corinthians 6:2                     #SAVEDBYGRACE Watch  good sermons...

May GOD Bless You!!!

 A slice in time...This  is a secular site to be sure, but as  I 

continually grow  may all of my  endeavours have a link to point

you   down the narrow path I am on!   The one  that leads  to  salvation in Jesus.  For some the walk may be fast, others just start from further away.

and have more ground to cover! The process can be  both peaceful

and internally  volatile  but grace means  I know  God won't let

go... Unlike your parents when you first learned to ride a

bike!  This site  features one take  live mic & freestyle  music

so  it's  like live tv back in the days but make no mistake, I

will never change the word for anything and because  of The Lords

grace, I can  breathe , grow and  change from the inside out! 

"For GOD so loved the world

he gave his only begotten son."

John 3:16


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