Producer:  OGBR

Writers:  Big Rob, Android Willis

Genre:  Blur-Hop


An album for this age, diving head long into conspiracy theories, modern day issues like the effect of television on the collective psyche and even salvation... The new album from OGBR has multiple tie-ins and intersecting concepts to keep listeners intrigued and coming back for more for years to come! (LISTEN/PURCHASE HERE!)

Tales From Beyond (Radio Show Podcast)

Directors:  OG Big Rob

Starring:  OGBR and Special Guests

Genre:  Radio Serials/Shows/Albums...


 OGBR Presents: "Tales From Beyond" radio show! A brand new show taking on issues of the day, Hip-Hop exclusives and special guests!

BLUR... ".2" Remastered

Producer:  Big Rob

Writer:  OGBR

Genre:  Blur-Hop/Hip-Hop


 "BLUR... is meant to blur the lines, originally meant to stay in production for around 10 years using only the original first take recordings done in a small studio. The idea was to go in a totally different direction with the overall concept and production. In other words, blur the lines between freestyle and written, art and reality, so on and so fourth. So I guess you could say this is the ".2" version of the album.

Funk.Hop Remixed 

Producer:  OGBR

writer:  OGBR

Genre:  Funk-Hop​


An experimental half & half freestyle/written album remix with a free flow feel. Funk.Hop Remix was an Indy release from 2013 that announced Big Rob's arrival on the Hip-Hop scene and signified the stylistic shift into the Avant-Garde genre.


WESTRIDERS: We Bail Through(1999/2000)






and produced by...

plus: Malice,

E-Dawg & A-Dogg


Producer:  OGBR

Writers:  Big Rob & Lil J/AB$LOOT

Genre:  HIP-HOP


 WESTRIDERS: We Bail Through was an underground hit featuring founding members Big Rob and Lil J, as well as group members Malice, E-Dawg & A-Dogg... And many credit for being the first modern "Mixtape" flowing over West Coast beats. With tracks like Just Right and Gotcha Hood Locked Down the group became synonymous with a new style of West Coast Gangster Rap. With beats hand selected from Legendary West Coast artist it was half homage to the greats and half all out lyrical assault! The group eventually split up do to location challenges but in 2008 had a reunion of sorts with the formation of the new group "WESTBOUND" featuring the new member and brother to Lil J, Top Notch and Lil J now going by the moniker AB$LOOT.

Twisted Wall