Big Rob or "OGBR" is a solo artist from San Bernardino area of Southern California currently residing and producing music in the North West in Portland Oregon.
 The forming member of the underground hit millennium group "WESTRIDERS" as well as the  group  "Westbound" from 2007 to 2013.
 He has just released the concept two version album "NUCLEAR/NEWCLEAR" in both EP and LP versions consecutively. 
 "I am a Christian but I don't do Gospel simply because I am not quite there yet. I am flawed, I have sin, I am saved by grace I also didn't come from a perfect background... But, I am saved by grace! Jesus paid the cost for all of us to be saved, but its a gift and you must receive it! GOD is the most high and knows my flaws, I am not the example, Jesus is! I am merely a work in progress, but look who holds the paint brush! So I may not do Christian music but I do try to do music as a Christian." - Big Rob


"Building 23"

             By OGBR

"I strive to push the envelope. I am known as "The Frequency King" by the homies because of the meticulous approach I take to editing, using only high quality isomorphic wav's."  - Big Rob

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